In Vitro Description / A relic arm of unknown origin


optical glass with internal laser marking, stainless-steel peg

30 x 30 cm

description by Wouter Prins

currently listing:

A Groningen coffee urn, 2004, description by Meta Knol

Émile Gallé, Raisins Mysterieux, 2004, description by Alied Ottevanger, private collection

Mary Rorke and Thomas Haromé, The face of Mother Shipton and her prophecies, 2005, description by Teio Meedendorp, private collection

A golden deer, 2005, description by Menno Fitski

Rembrandt, portrait of Jan Six, 2005, description by Leo Delfgaauw, private collection

Remco Scha, Output 14.06.1992 of the computer program Artificial, 2005, description by Max Bruinsma