Exquisite Corpse (The Grammar of Ornament)

from left to right:

Egyptian, Moresque, Chinese, Indian / strawberry, onyx, jellyfish, cardboard

Italian, Arabian, Medieval, Savage / parmesan, slate, tin foil, crushed velvet

Renaissance, Pompeian, Byzantine, Nature / potato skin, tweed, lichen, ostrich skin

Assyrian, Elizabethan, Hindu, Roman / sponge, hammered copper, asphalt, topiary

Persian, Turkish, Greek, Celtic / rusted metal, linoleum, corian, coral

2016 - 2022

3D prints, powder, binder, dye, UV cured adhesive, wax, 5 parts

height 42 cm each part

edition of 5 + 2 ap

collaborator: Young & Ayata

1/5, 2/5, 3/5 private collections